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A friend is getting a shop going and has a facebook up finally! I've seen her stuff up close and personal and she puts in a lot of work into these things, and uses really interesting and good quality materials for it all. I think she's also got fairy bottle things on the ebay store as well, and I've seen the DIY kits she's put together, and I think there was talk of putting some fairy bottle ones together at some point. Cute stuff, take a look if you could.
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Anzair Etienne
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Do not use/alter my art in any way, shape, or form. If there is something here you want to use, contact me first. I don't bite, usually.

The makeup I use for my drow cosplay is Endura Body Paint.…
It's alcohol based, and airbrush applied.
The stuff doesn't come off very easily, unless something is rubbing the same spot all day or you're tying leather straps and whatnot repeatedly.
It doesn't sweat off, you can eat with it (it has a strange blueberry/grape flavor/scent that goes away after a while) and it looks like real skin. I use some powder makeup over it to help take out any shine that is already there from the paint and skin oils, pencils to fill in the spots on my lips that we miss, and other makeup on my eyes to get into the tighter places, and white mascara over my eyebrows/lashes of course. It doesn't rub off on my wigs either, so they're still bright white. Well, aside from dust being in them.
I have pretty sensitive skin, and where I live is very very dry, and hot all but like a week and some nights out of the year, and after washing this stuff off, my skin doesn't break out hardly at all, so I can go to ren fest Saturday, and work customer service Sunday without looking like a connect the dots board.
For me, I find scrubbing with soap works best, and those exfoliating glove things you can get at Wal Mart for like three bucks, and my roommate prefers makeup remover, or the remover that is specifically made for this makeup, and is also sold somewhere on the website.
We've experimented with some of the glow in the dark paint they also sell- it brushes on over stencils (that are honestly, cheaper and better elsewhere on ebay) and over the paint and leaves a faint glow. These seem to work well, so if you want to go somewhere dark, you can have a huge spider stenciled over one cheek or your neck or something and be uber Lloth matron or something.
Note me for more questions! I'm no makeup pro and we're learning more and more as we experiment (recently found out that an airbrush for one of the cars worked better than the brush we had) but what I do know I can share. =] Where we get our contacts. They're cheap and have different types (comfort/glow in the dark/regular use) depending on what you need.
Ears I get from as the ears are extremely light, you can hear very well with them, and they hold with very little glue, and I spraypaint them with matte black paint for drow, and a skin color for my other elves. This person is the only one I've found who sells these cheaper than 30$, and moved away from ebay it looks like. OH WELL.
Wigs I get on ebay-… - that is the one I use for Nath. It's cheap and heat resistant. I straightened out the curls into waves, and sewed clips into the wig to hold into my hair rather than wear a hair net/cap thing as that gives me a headache.

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